We are a Community of Online Racing Enthusiasts using Assetto Corsa for our league sim-racing.

This community was created in 2005 and has always provided competitive sim-racing across multiple platforms and simulations.

We pride ourselves on being one of the cleanest places to race, we enforce rules properly and we ensure our drivers all show the proper level of respect for each other on and off track.

We are keen on all forms of racing but particularly those that produce close racing like Touring Cars.

We are financed by member donations and occasional sponsorship and we run our own Game Server and VOIP server 24/7.
We also race with or against other sim racing clubs and leagues and some of our drivers represent our Club at other leagues as well as racing here.

We are based in the UK and most of our members are British or European but we accept anyone from anywhere and our members are very helpful to novices learning to use the sim. Your English just needs to be good enough to understand our rules and any admin instructions on the race server.

We believe sim-racing should be fun, fair and competitive and that is what we try to provide here.

If you'd like to join us just click REGISTER to get started.


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